Motorcycle Training Courses

Give us a call at 806-370-0464, that’s (806) 3700 – HOG, to sign up for a class today. Online credit card processing coming soon! Basic Riders Course (BRC) – the beginning of your rider education, for those with no “formal” training. *motorcycles are provided for students* 3 Wheeled Basic Riders Course (3WBRC)* – the basic course adapted for riders on trikes.

Saddle-Up is diligently working to bring the following courses to the panhandle as well:

ADVANCED RIDERS COURSE (ARC) * – for licensed riders with some “formal” training & at least a few thousand miles in the saddle. LEE PARKS’ TOTAL CONTROL * – for licensed riders with some “formal” training & many years in the saddle. * coming soon.  Please call 806-370-0464 for more information.