Motor Pro Challenge

This new advanced riding course was developed right here in the lone star state and is only available in Texas. Created specifically for those riders on the larger displacement (1000cc / 61ci or larger) touring, sport touring and cruiser style motorcycles.

With the growing popularity of these larger heaver motorcycles there arose a need for specialized training to address issues specific to these style bikes. The focus is on enhanced collision avoidance, low speed control and maneuvering. Riders should have several years and many miles in the saddle, and at least had the BRCu (it is suggested that students also have the BRCu prior to taking the course).

Motor Pro is a 6-hour advanced rider course for riders of larger touring bikes, and is done on participant own motorcycles. Motorpro will help hone your riding skills and inform you on what things you can or should improve on to give you more control, and help you become a more confident and safer rider. Class size is limited to 6 riders.

Please read the policies section in its entirety before you register for a class.

Check calendar or call for more information.

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