Why do we ride? Well it’s simple, riding motorcycle is fun. There simply isn’t anything quite as exhilarating as powering your way through curves with the wind in your face. However; the best way to have fun while riding is if you feel safe, and to feel safe you must have a command of your environment and control of your bike. Safe motorcycling is an activity that requires knowledge and skill. Without these fundamentals, the rider is at risk. The only proven way to reduce these potential dangers is through improved situational awareness, effective risk management, and superior riding skill. At Saddle-up Motorcycle Training we truly believe the best way to achieve this is through formal education and riding. Therefore we offer riders the most comprehensive training available in the Texas panhandle.

Our courses are designed for all levels of experience in all types of street riding. This includes courses for those who have never been on a motorcycle, novices with a few thousand miles riding, and very experienced riders who have many years in the saddle. Our courses and instructors are certified and licensed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the State of Texas (TDLR).

At Saddle-up we believe that all riders can benefit from continuing their riding education.