3 Wheeled Basic Riders Course (3WBRCu)

This course is an adaption of the BRCu for those riders on three wheeled motorcycles (as defined by the St. of Texas.). This is the only course the Texas Department of Public Safety offers for three wheeler’s and meets the licensing requirement mandated by the DPS.

The 3 Wheeled BRCu was developed for the inexperienced rider and those who are self-taught on a motorcycle (those who haven’t had any formal training on a trike); even those with years of experience will find this class enlightening. Students will have to provide their own vehicles (see policies for guidelines) as Saddle-up does not provide them for this course. The 3wBRCu is an 14 hour course with two components; 5-hours of classroom instruction and 9-hours of riding. This course focuses on helping the inexperienced rider acquire the basic skills needed to ride a trike and help the experienced rider to develop better skills and to learn proper techniques to be a safe rider. Class size is limited to 4 riders.

Please read the policies section in its entirety before you register for a class.

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